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Why A lot of Players Like Slot Machines

About 74% of the casino players in the United States enjoy slot machines. That is a good number because back in the 1950's, craps was the game that most gamblers patronize in casinos with the game of blackjack coming in 2nd place, which meant that it is in the same position as roulette.

Slot machines were usually played by female gamblers which uses extra change. About 81% of the female players in a casino play slot machines and about 67% of male players play the slot machines. Those are significant numbers.

During the 1960's, the game of blackjack became one of the most in demand games in live casinos because of the birth of card counting technique that was popularized by the book called Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp. A lot of players have taken advantage of that new information and tried to apply it in their own game. But there are only few players that are really good in using card countering.

Back in 1984, the slot machines were able to edge out casino table games in live casino. In Atlantic City and in Las Vegas, the slot machines were able to control more than fifty percent of the gambling market. Of the 52 million players in the U.S., about 38 million gamblers like to play slot machines.

Since casinos have a very big casino edge on the slot machines (as high as 17 percent) and since it can be played faster as the player gets into the game. The revenues that casinos earned have grown over the last twenty years. How did it happen that about forty states in the U.S. have casino gaming?

The answer is the slot machines. If not for these one armed bandits, there would be a few casino players. Slot machines are very simple to play and do not need any top class skills. Just slide in your cash and hope that lady luck will side with you. Remember that some of the decisions that you will make in the game can be criticized by your opponents at the table.

Even good blackjack players face a minimal casino edge of percent. But even with those odds, players still tend to avoid the game. Even the game of craps seems an impossible undertaking. But slot machines are a good game because it offers a good experience to players. But most players that play on 25 cent machines can spend as much as $500 dollars an hour. With the casino odds at 8% on the 25 cent slot machines, players can lose as much as $40 dollars per hour of playing in the game.

In the game of blackjack, a player wagering $25 dollars will lose $15 dollars-$25 dollars per hour that still depends on how quickly the dealer gives you the card. The 25 cents slot player is larger than the $25 dollars blackjack games. The only problem casinos have with slot machine players is that a lot of them quit within 3 years or reduce the amount of time that they play in the machines.

There are a few people that will lose $40 dollars per hour of their game play especially on 25 cents slot machines or even $108 dollars per hour with a 5% house edge on $1 dollar slot machines. Casinos have to keep on inventing brand new slot machines in order to keep the interest of slots players.

For every brand new casino table game that is featured in live casinos, there are fifty slot machines that are featured by the casinos for their slots players. Just remember that slot machines still feature a very high casino edge so you have to learn how to control yourself.

You can also open a separate account where you will put down your money that you will use in gambling. This is important because you want to separate the money that you will lose to pay your expenses everyday from the money that you are willing to lose while gambling.

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