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Beating Online Slot Machines

If you have been assuming that beating online slot machines are impossible to do, then this is great news for you. Instead of just playing online slots by chance, you can use some game methods that will give you a good chance of winning just like in any other games at online casinos.

Before you will deposit that money of yours to the online casino account, think first of what you really want to achieve in playing online slots. Make sure you are setting reasonable goals because keeping them is very important in order to beat online slots.

For example, you are setting a goal of risking $200 on online slot. It would be wishful thinking and unreasonable on your part to hope that that $200 will turn into $10,000. The much more realistic goal is to turn that $200 into $250, having a 25% gain at online slots. Now, that is a modest goal to achieve and once the goal is reached, quit immediately that online slot session.

It is very significant that you have already made your decision beforehand to once you reach your target amount or time, you will stop playing online slot automatically. Don't let greed over take you because that will cause you to lose more and more. Having self-discipline will make every online slot session enjoyable and fun.

When you are on the quest of beating online slots, you must choose from the many varieties of online slots. Below are the five common types of online slot machines that you might beat someday:

1. Basic Three-Reel Slots - These online slots are the simplest of all having three reels and a single payline. The jackpot is usually modest but the payout percentage is much better than the average.

2. Progressive Slots - If you are aiming for the big jackpot, these are the online slots that you should play. The jackpots are over $100,000 and even millions of dollars.

3. Multi-Line Slots - These online slots have three reels but with multiple paylines. The more paylines are activated, the more chances you have of winning on a single spin. Multi-line online slots offer higher payout percentage because they offer lots of ways to win money.

4. Bonus Feature Slots - These are the online slots that have free bonus spins, thus giving additional excitement to the game. The bonus features are usually displayed on a second screen and your chance of winning additional money is high.

5. Five-Reel Slots - These online slots have paylines ranging from five to 21 lines and you will also have some chance of winning some free spins and other bonus items. Five-reel slots came from Australia and they are also known as "pokies".

Whatever type of online slot you are planning to play, it is very important to use the strategy mentioned above to be successful in beating online slots.

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Beating Online Slot Machines
Thursday, May 15 , 2008

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