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Adjusting Settings and Controls for Online Slots

To avoid wasting money on sign up fees for online slots, you have to make sure first that the specifications of the online slots site can be readily satisfied by your PC and Internet connection.

Your monitor plays a huge part in ensuring that you’ll have a perfectly good time playing online slots. First, check the settings of the monitor. Is its color depth, hue and brightness level desirable and able display the graphics of the online slots to its best advantage?

Regular Online Slots or Progressive Online Slots You’ll surely be asked to choose between regular online slots and progressive online slots so it’s best if you’re familiar with what each entails.

With regular online slots, playing rules are normal and as expected. You simply have to press the spin button for the machines to operate and then wait if you can obtain winning symbols. For each winning combination that the machines display, you get to win cash prizes for yourself.

With progressive online slots, you’re not right away and completely able to enjoy your winnings because a portion of your bet will be added to the jackpot money. When you do hit the jackpot however, you’re sure to be drowning in money by then!

Play the slots as a pro

Although many gambling enthusiasts scoff at the notion of using strategies in casino games like the slot machines, we’re certainly not going to tell you off if you still insist in searching for effective strategies to use when playing the slots.

In fact, we’ll take our acceptance even one step further by offering suggestions and tips regarding what strategies you can use when playing the slots.

Slot Machine Placement

There’s a theory that’s going around the gambling world that it’s simply better to play in slot machines that are placed in highly visible areas because the difficulty level used in these slots are not that high. This is because the casinos want people to see that many players hitting the jackpots at the slot machines and lure these people into playing the slot machines as well.

It’s hard to dispute this theory so if you’re looking for a strategy to use, why not simply stick to the rule of playing the slots that are highly visible? At this moment, no one can truly sufficiently disprove the validity of the theory anyway.

The Right Time to Spin

Thanks to the RNG factor of most digital slot machines, there seems to be no way of determining when it is the right time to spin when playing the slot machines.

But even so, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust what your instincts are screaming about when you’re playing the slots. Above all things, slot machines are games highly dependent on luck so who can say that what your instincts are screaming are not subliminal messages from Lady Luck himself?

Befriending (Bribing) Casino Employees - Okay, so this is basically more of a tip rather than a strategy but anything that works effectively with the slot machines is always acceptable, right?

Right. So take the time of getting friendly with the casino employees. Tip them well if you also have the chance. That way, they’ll sufficiently lower their guard and maybe make a slip of the tongue (it could be intentional) about which slot machines offer players better odds of winning.

Modifying the Pace of Your Game - When playing the slots, it’s better to adopt a turtle pace of playing rather than playing lightning quick. Trust us as it’s for your benefit we’re telling you to do this.

So what do you think? Have our strategies been helpful? Why not test them out by playing the slots right now? If so, good luck and hope you hit the jackpot!

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