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Casino-goers always believe that the games played in solitary need no proper etiquette while it is being played. Wrong. While Slot playing may seem to be an anti-social game, still, playing slots require proper etiquette especially when Slot machines are limited in the casino.

There are slot players who like playing a number of slot machines at the same time. When the casino is crowded with eager slot machine players, avoid playing in several slot machines. Please be sensitive and give other slot players the chance to play. In some casinos, there are signs that remind slot players to play in one slot machine at a time. Thus, slot players are asked to free the slot machine in excess of the one they are already playing.

Do not bring with you someone who will just watch you play with the slot machines. If your friend decides to go with you, do not allow him to sit on the slot machine beside you. Sit only on the slot machine when you are ready to play. Some will just drop coins to justify that they have the right to sit on the machine. As a courtesy, let your friend stand up and give the slot machine to other eager slot players. Your friend can always stand behind you as you play with the slot machine.

When you see some coin cups or personal paraphernalia on the slot machine, it means that the slot machine is already taken by other slot players. Do not play with the slot machine to avoid altercations with the rightful slot player.

In some casinos where slot machines no longer use tokens or coins, slot players usually leave their personal belongings in the slot machine. It can be a bag or a towel or a shawl. You may sometimes ask a slot attendant to stand by your machine if there are available attendants. However, do not leave the slot machine for a very long period of time. If you are going to have dinner, free the slot machine so other slot players can play it. Never monopolize a slot machine for yourself.

If you are a smoker, be sensitive to casino policies. Some casinos allow while others may prohibit it and allow it in designated areas only. Do not blow your smoke to other slot players. Do not put you ashtray near other slot players.

Lastly, give tips to slot attendants who have satisfied you. When slot players hit the jackpot and when the slot attendants bring in the money, it is customary to leave a tip with the slot attendant. The amount depends on the slot players. Some slot attendants may give your prize in whole bills so be prepared to have some bills in lower denominations to leave as tips. Tipping the slot attendant is never mandatory. But as a courtesy, slot players usually give reasonable tips when the service of the slot attendant is worth it.

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Tuesday, January 23 , 2007

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